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Friends of St Paul's

Friends of St Paul’s 

Friends of St Paul’s (FoSP) is a longstanding school institution composed of dedicated parents, community members and staff, who deliver a range of events and activities that benefit St Paul’s and enhance the student school experience.

In recent years, FoSP have coordinated a variety of events including an outdoor cinema; Cinema Under the Stars; a bush dance; an art and photography presentation and competition; a Colour Fun event; and yearly Mother’s and Father’s Day stalls. Major school events, such as the annual Christmas celebrations and school musical performances also benefit significantly from the ongoing support of FoSP.

Raising funds that are reinvested into the school, these initiatives significantly support students and enable future events. FoSP efforts have facilitated student attendance at out of state events; provided for the installation of chilled filtered water stations and microwaves for student use; additional lunchtime seating; and upgrades to Visual and Performing Arts facilities.

Meeting each month with the Principal of St Paul’s, Mr Ian Wake, FoSP has recently been reinvigorated with new attendees and provides a unique opportunity for members to make connections with one another and with staff from across the school. The meetings also provide a forum for engaged discussion on school news and developments.

New members are always welcome. FoSP has a dedicated page on the St Paul’s e-learning platform, my.stpauls, where parents of students at St Paul’s can catch up on minutes, news and announcements (login required).

For further information on Friends of St Paul’s or to discuss membership:
Email: info@stpauls.nsw.edu.au
Phone: 02 4777 4888