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House System

St Paul’s has six House groups, each distinguished with an House emblem and named after a local parish. 

Within the collegiate model of our House system,  mentoring underpins peer-based support right throughout schooling.  

Each House group identifies strongly with a friendly competitive spirit - particularly during the annual Swimming, Sports and Athletics carnivals - each House vying for the ultimate House prize: the Codrington Cup.
House spirit is keenly fostered at these events, with honours at stake for the War Cry, House Spirit as well as competitive sporting events.

In daily interaction, our students develop care and regard for one another from the earliest years, starting with the ‘buddy’ system in Junior-school.
In Secondary school, tutor groups place students from Years 7-12 in daily interaction, led by a member of teaching staff. Each day begins with time spent in Tutor, preparing for the day and being in contact with the group right throughout the different stages of schooling. As our students grow, their place in relation to the group evolves. Tutor groups often feature fun games and, over the years, strong supportive ties are developed.
The Tutor group system at St Paul's - a microcosm within the broader House context - engenders responsibility and trust in our students, fostering qualities of responsible leadership and service to others that the school nurtures throughout.
Our nurturing school culture is a distinctive of St Paul's and the caring, socially responsible nature of our students is recognised in the wider community. 

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