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Early Learners at St Paul’s 

Little Saints Pre-K is a busy place every day of the week. Learning is a process and there are many ways to learn. Every aspect of learning and play is based within a carefully-considered program that addresses key elements of early childhood education. 

Our rooms are set up each day with engaging, inviting activities. We want to inspire children to learn through a wide variety of play-based activities.

In purpose-built spaces, our specialist Early Years Teachers blend indoor and outdoor programmes that encourage interactive exploration and complement Key Learning Areas. Everyday learning experiences are enriched with music, physical wellbeing and Mandarin Chinese, taught from Pre-Kinder to Year 6. 

Extended care hours are available at before and after-school care, for children in Pre K to Year 6, offering caring, quality childcare, excellent facilities and fun, varied holiday-care programmes. Our early learners develop enduring understandings of the world in which we live, with room to wonder and grow, as they progress through their Primary years. 

A Day at St Paul’s Little Saints Pre-Kindergarten – Pre-Kindergarten Coordinator Mrs Karen Heath

We teach the Primary Years Programme which fosters children’s natural sense of wonder and curiosity. They learn to inquire and to ask questions through our Units of Inquiry; they develop research skills and the ability to think about the world around them. We use technology and explore things close-up. We have incursions where learning is enhanced through real-life experiences.

The children are stirred to take ‘Action’ and to associate knowledge with context. We have lots of fun playing and trying new things in both the indoor and outdoor environment. Inside, we design, build and create. We take on roles in our ever-changing Dramatic Play area. We paint, draw and collage, and use playdough, clay, water, slime and goop. Outside, we build our ‘big’ muscles through activities such as climbing, skipping, gardening, running, digging and riding the bikes.

As children play, they are taught important social skills such as sharing, taking turns, waiting patiently, solving problems, managing emotions, being respectful and using gentle words and hands. We learn who God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are through our daily Devotions. We learn how to stay connected to Jesus and how to follow Him in our everyday lives. The children are encouraged to put into practise what they learn through the Bible as they interact with each other. They learn how to be loving, caring and kind to one another.

The Pre-K Literacy program prepares children for reading and writing. We immerse the children in Literature. We have a phonemic-awareness program that focuses on rhyme, syllables and hearing beginning sounds. We develop pre-writing skills and learn how to hold a pencil comfortably.

Our Mathematics program is hands-on and play-based. We measure sunflowers grown in the garden, we find patterns in our environment and we learn number though movement. We learn Chinese, PE and Music every week. Our focus is on developing trusting and caring relationships between the teachers and children, in partnership with our Pre-Kindergarten families, as we partake together in each child’s learning journey.