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Scholarships at St Paul’s Grammar School

St Paul’s is pleased to offer a limited number of scholarships, encouraging excellence and nurturing potential across the curriculum. Scholarships are available to students entering Years 5, 7, 9 and 11 levels and are aimed at nurturing a spectrum of talents while upholding the diversity and core values inherent to the School’s distinctive culture. 

Current students may apply for Academic, Performing Arts and All-Rounder scholarships. In addition, the Don Harwin commemorative scholarship is offered, for new students entering Year 9 who demonstrate outstanding service and citizenship, and the Christian Congregational scholarship is available to new students entering Year 5, 7, 9 or 11, in alignment with School’s foundational values of Christian practice and purpose.
Scholarships vary in value and duration and are subject to review for satisfactory performance. We aim to foster the diversity and core values inherent to the School’s distinctive culture.

Scholarships are awarded at the Principal's discretion, with the expectation that a beneficiary will maintain a high standard of academic, co-curricular and disciplined application, as well as sustaining excellence in those activities upon which the scholarship is based.

Academic scholarships are awarded to students on the basis of their ACER exam results and at the Principal’s discretion. All applicants must sit for the ACER scholarship test in February at an ACER venue. St Paul’s Grammar School is an ACER exam centre. 

All-Rounder scholarships are available to students who demonstrate the ability to significantly contribute to the School in a range of learning areas, indicating ability in a minimum of two of the following areas: Academic, Performing Arts (music, singing, dance or drama) Debating and/or public speaking, Sport, Leadership.

Christian Congregational scholarships are offered in conjunction with the School’s foundational values of Christian practice and purpose. Applicants are required to be in regular attendance at a Christian Church as well as Sunday school, Bible study or Youth group, and to have a developing understanding of the Christian faith and not currently enrolled at the school. In addition, it is a requirement that one parent be actively involved in a Christian Church, including participation in worship and additional Church activities. The Christian Congregational Scholarship application includes a section for completion by the applicant’s Minister of Religion.

Performing Arts scholarships are available to students of exceptional achievement or ability in the performing arts. Applicants are required to demonstrate skill in music, dance or drama as well as a commitment to performance, in tandem with a commitment to pursuing excellence in other academic studies. An indicative requirement for candidature would be upper-level AMEB attainment or equivalent; experience is also a consideration. The School may preferentially offer scholarships to those students whose ‘instrument’ is in higher demand. Short-listed candidates will be required to attend an interview and audition, to be scheduled during March and May in the year of application.

The Don Harwin Scholarship is offered to new students who are able to demonstrate outstanding service and citizenship in their current school, church and community. The Don Harwin Scholarship acknowledges the service of our esteemed former Chair of School Council and his dedication to the school and wider community.