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Senior School Studies

In Year 11, Senior students choose between the NSW Higher School Certificate (HSC) and the IB Diploma. 

Our Careers Guidance Counsellor works closely with students looking at post-school options, providing guidance through the process of university selection, applying for scholarships, tertiary pathways and long-term career choices. St Paul’s provides a solid foundation of pastoral care, from primary years through to senior school, with a wellbeing program that includes a full-time Counsellor and a Chaplain in support of the secondary school journey. 

Our Senior students hold a special place of leadership and service, exemplifying the culmination of a St Paul’s education to our younger students and to the wider community. Leadership at a senior level gives nominated candidates the opportunity to lead their Houses or a selected Prefect portfolio, with additional leadership opportunities at our Academies of Excellence - Dance, Drama, Music and Sport.  

In Years 11 and 12, options for co-curricular activity are broadened. Each year, a substantial number of intrepid students qualifies for the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.  Long-established activities such as Christian Fellowship (CRU) groups, Model United Nations and St Paul’s NSW Rural Fire Service Cadet Brigade continue with a strengthened sense of leadership and guidance for those in younger years. 

Since 2006, St Paul’s has welcomed International Students, emanating largely from cities throughout China and managed through our International students’ office and Homestay programme. This strong intercultural partnership is a distinctive of St Paul’s school culture and community, and a key feature for International Baccalaureate World Schools.


The academic results of the Board of Studies and Teacher Educational Standards NSW(BOSTES) Higher School Certificate and International Baccalaureate Diploma programme have been outstanding over the past decade. 

On average over the past ten years, 25% of our Year 12 cohort achieved Australian Tertiary Admissions Ranks (ATARs) in the top 10% of the State (i.e. 90 or above).  The average graduating student ATAR is approximately 80. Each year over the past decade the school has had a number of students achieve ATARs above 99, with several receiving the top possible ATAR or IB score.

 Most students wishing to progress to University have been accepted to the first choice of tertiary institution including the most selective universities in Australia and overseas universities such as UCLA, Hong Kong University, The London School of Economics.  Students also progress to private colleges, TAFE or directly to the workforce in a huge range of career paths.

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