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St Paul’s prioritises a safe, supportive and caring environment so that our students thrive - not just in their learning, but in all aspects of school life. We foster an international perspective – one that values and respects other cultures at home and abroad - with an awareness of the worth inherent to all of creation. 

Students at St Paul’s are members of a strong, supportive community. We encourage a humble, serving attitude in our students, aspiring for them to develop the discernment to make wise choices, to grow in empathy and to reach out to those in need, towards becoming confident, competent and compassionate adults.

Caring for the wellbeing of our students is a particular strength of life at St Paul’s. 

Specialist staff work alongside pastoral care staff and teachers, to provide a comprehensive framework of support. Our wellbeing team is headed by the Director of Students & Family Services in secondary school and the Deputy Head of Junior School, Welfare and Organisation - supported by a caring and compassionate staff, including Learning Enrichment staff, full-time counsellors, the school Chaplain and careers counsellor.