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Music Academy

The Music Academy

The St Paul’s Grammar School Music Academy focuses on exploring the origins and expressions of goodness, truth, beauty, imagination and creativity in relationship with biblical faith. 

Our thriving, fine arts scene continues to be linked to broader contexts – toward enhanced performance and collaboration opportunities.  We want to celebrate and engage with cultural diversity educationally.

The Music Academy has two strands – The Conservatorium Program and The Ensembles Program.

The Conservatorium Program offers individual tuition to the St Paul’s community. Lessons are available on a range of instruments and voice as well as music theory, composition and speech and drama.

The Ensembles Program provides an opportunity for students to choose from a range of ensembles to attend weekly rehearsals in order to develop their musicianship, performance and ensemble skills. 

To register for the Conservatorium Program or the Ensembles Program go to the Music Academy page on my.stpauls and click on the relevant link in the "Registration" box. Registrations are always open. 

Cathy Jarman - Music Academy Coordinator 

T: 02 4776 4846

E:  cathy.jarman@stpauls.nsw.edu.au 


The Music Academy offers positive, rigorous and contemporary instruction and experiences in a range of instruments, musical styles, musical ensembles and speech and drama. Through our Conservatorium Program, individual or group lessons are available from 14 peripatetic Tutors who are highly qualified and committed to the arts.  Artists and ensembles participate in dynamic educational experiences as well as competitions and a range of school and community events.  In order to provide networking opportunities and pathways to support students wishing to pursue a career in the arts, we make connections with universities, colleges, arts businesses and work places.

We generate a lively local community of former and current students, artist-practitioners and teachers, where roles are multiple and interchangeable. Arts are a medium of personal expression enabling the sharing of ideas and experiences, the possibilities and offerings of which all people should have the opportunity to experience.  Creating artworks enriches the holistic development of students, nurturing group participation and cooperation and promoting a collectively defined identity and communal ethos.