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Drama Academy

The Drama Academy is a co-curricular opportunity offered to St Paul’s students in Years 3 to 12 who are interested in developing their performance skills. Types of activities include focusing and concentration exercises, improvisation skills, play-building self-devised works, group-based performance, developing vocal and physical characterisations and stagecraft.

A range of ensembles or performance teams are offered for various age groups to learn new works and represent the school at various events and functions. Ensembles are for dedicated students who are willing to work hard and are prepared to perform. The purpose of these groups is to devote time to learning artistic, dramatic works of art that will develop and refine performance skills and quality.

Students in the Drama Academy work towards an end of year showcase that draws on the skills they have been developing throughout the year. Students are also given opportunities in other performance events towards preparation for the professional arena.   

Group Profiles

Junior Theatricals

Junior Theatricals is our fastest-growing group at St Paul’s. The Junior classes are split into three separate groups that cater for the high numbers and allow Tutors to deliver age specific programs. 

  • Gobo (Year 3)
  • Preset (Year 4)
  • Spotlight (Years 5-6)

Students focus on working in ensemble, building performance focus and characterisation.


This groups caters for students from Years 7 to 8 who do not have the opportunity to access Drama through the curriculum. This class focuses on improvisation and play building. Students learn to devise their own work through a fun filled program of theatre sports and high energy activities.


These classes are designed for the experienced performer. Two master style classes are run to develop students’ skills in specific areas. This year our Monday class is focussed on extending students in scripted work through character development and staging techniques. While the Wednesday class is studying the highly energetic theatre style of Physical Theatre.

SPGS Theatre Company

This group is by audition entry only. The Company is responsible for showcasing excellence in theatre practice on behalf of the school and will work towards a mid-year Senior Production for a public performance.