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Dance Academy

The St Paul’s Dance Academy is committed to providing excellence in Performance Arts tuition. Its carefully designed progressive education structure takes participants from their first steps to a professional career. The combined wealth of knowledge and passion of the Dance Academy staff have created a premiere studio for innovation, passion and outstanding results.

Dance Styles


Ballet is the foundation of all other styles of modern dance. Ballet is all about grace, strength and control. The techniques learnt in Ballet class are essential for all dancers, even if your specialty is Hip Hop. Students that do Ballet will see improvement in all their other classes too. Ballet is where students learn about the discipline of dance and focus on developing and strengthening their technique. 

Contemporary Dance 

Contemporary dance is an uncompromising dance style that is rigorous and athletic.  It draws from classical and modern dance styles and is expressive and diverse in content.  A contemporary dancer develops a deep understanding of a dancer’s center, body articulation and weight initiation.  Contemporary dancers work ‘off center’ and make use of contorted and unusual lines and shapes.  Contemporary dancers develop an appreciation for the heightened use of dynamics, weight, falling, recovery and release techniques.  The study of Contemporary dance will increase a dancer’s knowledge and understanding of body mechanics and body efficiency and give you a feeling of freedom and is often performed in bare feet!

Hip Hop

Is a high energy, freestyle form of dance often seen in popular film clips incorporating funk, break dance, jazz and all the latest moves.  It’s a popular form that continues to evolve but always has a strong musicality, rhythm and pulse.


Jazz is popular high-energy dance styles that affords you with flexibility, strength and cardio vascular training as well as teach you the basic vocabulary of kicks, turns, leaps, isolations and combinations.  Jazz will develop your rhythmical awareness and develop your body co-ordination.  Jazz also teaches students about focus, projection and presentation skills.  It’s a fun and enjoyable dance style that continues to develop and you will enjoy learning the latest moves set to popular music. 


Pilates is fast becoming a popular and trusted system of exercise to encourage fitness and well-being.  It is a gentle yet effective exercise program that develops your core muscles and overall posture.  The benefits of Pilates include developing lean and strong muscles, improving your balance, better circulation and a calm mind with increased focus and confidence.  Dance students are encouraged to attend morning Pilates classes that are dance specific, meaning that the exercises will be tailored towards increasing student’s strength and flexibility These classes will improve control of movement to meet the demands of dancing.


Our petite class for pre K and Kinder year groups (ages 4 -5) teaches ballet basics as well as introduces students to dance class structure and manner.   We will focus on good posture and basic positions as well as basic ballet vocabulary and travelling exercises to develop student’s co-ordination, spacial and temporal awareness.  These classes will feature age appropriate music and content and will instill a love for dance, drama and music in a fun and encouraging atmosphere.


Auditions for these ensembles will be held early Term 1.

SPGS Junior and Senior Dance Companies are an audition-based company of students drawn from years 3 to 6 and for the senior company years 7 to 12 which will represent the school in eisteddfods and other performance events.  Focusing on modern contemporary and jazz styles of dance; the company aims to extend students and to prepare them for the professional arena.  Students within the company will be giving the opportunity to work with professional choreographers while aiming to build a repertoire of dance pieces.  The SPGS Dance Company seeks to explore what is and can be contemporary dance within Australian culture.