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Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees

Please find here a downloadable version of the St Paul's Grammar School Schedule of Fees and Charges document.

Terms and Conditions for Fees and Payments

The Enrolment Contract which is supported by a Letter of Offer contains the fundamental terms and conditions between the school and parents/guardians relating to a student’s enrolment. These terms are also set out in the Application for Enrolment. The terms and conditions include matters regarding the nature of the relationship between the school and parents and the rights and obligations of each with respect to fees and other charges, expectations and behaviour, health and safety matters, and privacy.

We also offer an International Students Program (ISP). There are separate distinguishable application documents and enrolment contracts that set out the terms and conditions where enrolment is for students in the ISP. These are available on the website and upon request.

Further information for parents is provided in the Enrolment Policy available on the Parent Policies page of my.stpauls, the school intranet. This location also contains the Student Code of Conduct and other relevant policies for parents. Parents are provided with login details for the intranet.

The schools’ Privacy Policy is also available on our website and the my.stpauls intranet.

The Schedule of Fees and Charges is updated annually and made available on both the website and my.stpauls intranet. A separate document is provided for International Student Fees and Charges. These documents contain schedules of fees and payment requirements. Where additional goods or services are offered by the school this will be done in writing and once payment is made for such goods or services it is non-refundable. However, if circumstances arise where a cancellation or return is desired you may contact the school’s organiser or the Finance Department to discuss the process.

Refund & Returns Policy 

When you purchase any Service from St Pauls Grammar School Penrith Ltd there may be a cancellation period outlined as per the terms of your agreement. Contact info@stpauls.nsw.edu.au to follow through with that process.

The Application for Enrolment contains our Conditions of Enrolment including conditions on remission and non-refundable status of fees and other charges. Information regarding Returns/Exchanges of Uniform Shop products is contained on my.stpauls (school intranet) and can be provided upon request.

St Pauls Grammar School Penrith does not refund donations once received. If there is an error in processing of a payment as a donation you should contact our Finance Department staff as soon as possible to address the situation. Where a tax deductible receipt is issued the payment is non-refundable. If there is a concern regarding a donation payment you should contact the school to discuss a negotiated resolution.