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SPGS Chaplaincy

Since its foundation, St Paul’s has always considered the explicit proclamation of the Christian gospel as being central to its mission.  We want students to understand the Christian gospel; the message of how God has acted, in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus to save sinners for His glory.  We want our students to have ample opportunities to understand and consider the Christian faith as revealed in the Bible. 

As such, throughout its history, St Paul’s has engaged a Chaplain to oversee Christian ministry in the school.  The Chaplain oversees and coordinates Chapel, voluntary Christian groups, and seeks to give spiritual and emotional support to the entire school community, along with fully participating in the life of school through teaching and extra-curricular activities.

Chapel takes place each fortnight in the Junior and Secondary school.  At the heart of Chapel at St Paul’s is the reading and explaining of a passage from the Bible.  We aim to make this time vibrant, memorable and relevant to the students.  God’s word is not boring, and so we aim to make Chapel clear and engaging.  Our students learn about God, in order that they might know and love Him.

At St Paul’s, we also celebrate Easter and Christmas as an entire school.  Easter and Christmas Chapel incorporate the arts with Bible readings, congregational singing, prayer and a Bible talk.  They are celebrations of what we as a school value most: Christ’s entrance into the world, in order that he might die and rise, for us.

The school Chaplain is Mr James Grady.  He is a qualified teacher, as well as holding a Masters of Divinity degree from Sydney Missionary & Bible College.  If he can ever be of support to you, your child, or your family, please don’t hesitate to contact him.

You can contact him at james.grady@stpauls.nsw.edu.au or on 02 4776 4713.